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A professional medico-legal transcription company can save you time and money as well as freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. If you’re considering outsourcing your transcription work to another company, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right provider. We’ve outlined some key tips to help you with the selection process:

Choose a specialist over a generalist

Medico-legal transcription work is complex and requires professional typists who have experience working in the sector with knowledge of the relevant language and terminology associated with this field. There are plenty of transcription companies that boast a broad set of capabilities ranging from media to law and medical but will they have staff equipped with the attributes required to meet the tricky demands of medico-legal work? Do they know their hypotension from their hypertension? Can they distinguish dysphagia from dysphasia? One incorrectly transcribed word can completely change the meaning or context of a report with potentially serious repercussions. Don’t take chances with accuracy by employing a generalist agency; only consider companies with proven medico-legal experience and educated transcribers with a detailed knowledge of a wide range of medical specialties.

Choose native UK transcribers over offshore companies

The skill and knowledge of the transcriber working on your files will ultimately determine the quality, accuracy and presentation of your transcripts. It makes sense therefore to ensure the work will be completed by a UK native English speaker with the knowledge and industry-specific experience required to complete your work to the high standards demanded. Some transcription providers outsource or subcontract their work to other transcription companies overseas offering seemingly attractive discounted rates. Will an offshore transcriber be fluent in UK English? Will they understand the work in context, the finer linguistic nuances and the complex terminology associated with medico-legal work? A potential up front saving is quickly wiped out if the work needs subsequent rounds of revision and proof reading. There are also important security and confidentiality questions to ask around where sensitive data is processed and stored.

Choose a company that’s easy to work with

When partnering with any third-party provider you’ll naturally want to engage with someone who makes the process simple, quick and easy but how can you tell in advance? There are a few pointers to look out for. Is the information on their website detailed and comprehensive? Do they outline their processes clearly? Are they transparent about their T&Cs including payment terms and delivery? What’s their availability like? Can you contact them easily by phone or email if you have any questions? Do they come back to you promptly?

Consider their flexibility and adaptability too. Will they accommodate your own unique working practices or do you have to adapt to their model? What about getting files to and from them? Some companies have cumbersome processes. Can you use your own templates and file transfer processes? Can they meet your required deadlines?

Choose a company who can guarantee security and confidentiality

Whoever you work with should take security and confidentiality seriously. They should be registered with the Data Protection Act to ensure whatever data you trust them with stays strictly confidential – always! Will they sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement? How are files uploaded and returned? Do they keep your data in-house? Any documents or files transmitted should be delivered securely whether it be via a secure website with SSL encryption, email or a file sharing system.

Hopefully the above gives you enough food for thought. You’ll no doubt have your own specific requirements and criteria to add to the mix and we’d recommend making a list and prioritising the most important attributes based on your own individual circumstances.

If you have any questions or comments about choosing a medico-legal transcriber or would like to discuss things further, we’d be happy to hear from you. Call us on 0330 223 2813 or email info@jatranscription.com