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Why outsource your medico-legal transcription?

There are plenty of solid business reasons for outsourcing your medico-legal transcription work to a professional transcription company. We've summarised some of the key ones in a handy infographic below (click to enlarge). Why outsource transcription

10 minutes of free transcription for new customers

JA Transcription is currently offering 10 minutes of free audio transcription to all new customers. If you're looking for a new transcription provider but are not sure who to work with, take advantage of this short term offer to sample our service and assess the...

How to choose a medico-legal transcription provider

A professional medico-legal transcription company can save you time and money as well as freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. If you’re considering outsourcing your transcription work to another company, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right...